School Etiquette

Studio Rules

  1. Use Hand Sanitizer
  2. Students must remove their street shoes before entering the training floor. Do not wear your mat shoes outside.
  3. Students must always wear full uniform to every class, rank test and events. Be sure your uniform is cleaned and pressed.
  4. Students must be on time or early to classes.
  5. Students must practice self-control in the school. Please speak quietly while classes are in session, refrain from using foul language, and avoid asking too many questions that do not pertain to the subject at hand.
  6. Turn off cell phones before class.
  7. There is no eating permitted inside the studio. Drinks must be closed container!
  8. Do not judge others; only judge yourself.
  9. Do not gossip.
  10. Respect your fellow students. Always bow to your classmates before and after training with them.
  11. Place all training and personal gear on selves in back. Be sure not to leave personal belongings at the school.
  12. Always purchase training gear from your school. It will keep tuition costs down. Your instructor will work to find you the safest and highest quality equipment at the lowest price.
  13. Never abuse the school or its equipment.
  14. Students must refer to their instructor/s with the appropriate title: Sir, Ma’am, Mrs., or Miss.
  15. Never enter the training floor while class is in meditation.
  16. No sitting down during class.
  17. Avoid leaning on or touching the walls.
  18. Students may not use any of the display weapons.
  19. Students must not teach or learn any martial arts from another student; this is the instructor/s job.
  20. Students must not practice any movements that the Head Instructor has taught them. Likewise, please do not practice any movements that were not taught in this school.
  21. You are welcome at the school as in your home; respect it as such.



*We are all here to improve upon ourselves; these basic codes of discipline will help us to achieve those goals sooner.